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"Passion, Patience, Perseverance & Practice are the 4 main pillars of Wildlife Photography. Whenever I enter any wildlife sanctuary I remind myself that I am entering their home to photograph them, and while taking photos I always make sure that I don't disturb them or their habitat in anyway"

- Bhasmang Mehta

Bhasmang Mehta was born in India to a family of doctors and industrialists, Bhasmang decided to go down the less-traveled path. An avid photographer since he was a child, he has a wealth of experience taking wildlife expeditions, and capturing nature in its prime moments on his camera.

Bhasmangand his wife Zankhana discovered their mutual love for wildlife and wildlife photography in 2002 on their maiden trip to Gir National Park. Since then, the duo have extensively explored the wildlife sanctuaries of India & around the world photographing wildlife. In 2017,Bhasmangdecided to share the experience of wildlife safaris & his photography skills with the rest of the world; thus, Wildlife Sojourns was born. At "Wildlife Sojourns" he offers bespoke wildlife tour packages to India and also holds workshops on wildlife photography for enthusiasts, to teach them the nuances of the field.Now a resident of North Carolina, USA, with his offices in India & United States, he aims to showcase his fine art wildlife photography to a wider audience. Bhasmang's wildlife photos have been published in prestigious magazines such as Lonely Planet and Frontline. He has also contributed several works to the renowned Bombay Natural History Society.